With Scalerp, you don’t have to be a management pro to scale up your business and Increase your profits

Scalerp is the only platform you need to run your business : CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Point of Sale, subscriptions,  eCommerce integration, Human resources, manufacturing, … and more.

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🔒 All Scalerp plans include 7/7 Support, Cloud backups, Updates, Training and more awesome free features

Key Features


Transform your smartphone or tablet into an point-of-sale (POS), get Quotes, Invoices, loyalty points, manage deliveries, Subscriptions and more


Manage your finances, Accounts, ledger, balance sheet, chart of accounts, deposit and transfer of funds, Payroll and more


Manage your restaurant, Tables, booking, service staff, kitchen ... and more

Customer Relationship

Stay connected with your customers, Leads, login and customer account. Email, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns.

Human ressources

Anticipate your needs and manage your employees Attendance, leave, clocking in, vacancy, payroll and more


Share your documents, access rights, memos, reminders, To-do lists, calendar and more


Manage your warehouses simple and Modern way. Optimize your inventory, product history, stock transfer and adjustment, stock value and more


Simplify your operations, Production management, Recipes, Ingredients, Waste, Instructions and Cost calculation


Manage your Users, roles and access rights, Agent with sales commission Simple and powerful

“Seriously one of the easiest and most feature rich erp I have ever come across. Must have for any manager.”

William Ralinsky , CEO , Entrepreneur

At SCALERP, we are a team of experts in business management, purchasing, sales, logistics and development.

We have the expertise to bring you the customized solution for your business.


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